September 24, 2020


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Microsoft releases the sixth version of its launcher

The design of the Surface Duo folding smartphone with two displays is one of the most interesting and promising on the part of Microsoft – however, it is not in a hurry to publish any information about its upcoming device. However, today the really great news came that Microsoft is already releasing the sixth version of its rather popular Microsoft Launcher launcher, which offers a slightly different user experience and approach to the implementation of familiar things. Especially now, before the long-awaited announcement of the aforementioned Surface Duo.

The launcher itself was previously known as Arrow Launcher and was a kind of parallel experience using Android devices, as it was primarily focused on turning the smartphone into a tablet in terms of the location of the blocks and buttons of the interface. It is worth noting that the new sixth version of Microsoft Launcher now offers users an even more interesting and convenient approach to working with many content blocks at once, since you just need to look at its block with news – now the user can simultaneously view several news sources while working in tablet mode .