September 24, 2020


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Chrome 84 browser released

Вышел браузер Chrome 84

Google has released a stable version of its Chrome 84 browser, which can be accessed through the built-in update feature. Chrome 84 is not a major upgrade step, contains few changes to the user interface and brings few user features. Instead, the vast majority of innovations are developer tools and network APIs.

Chrome 84 is the first release of Chrome that blocks pop-up notifications on websites listed as abusing this feature (i.e., spamming) – a similar feature has already been available in Firefox since the end of last year and is very popular.

Also in this release, support for the new Web OTP API is added – in fact, the standard is the brainchild of Apple, but Google eventually agreed to support it. This is a new system by which mobile web browsers can detect incoming SMS messages containing one-time passwords (OTP) sent as part of two-factor authentication (2FA) procedures. Such passwords are automatically imported to the page, while increasing security and usability.

Also added support for the Web Animations API – in fact, it’s just a set of new JavaScript functions that developers can use to much better control the animation that happens inside the web browser.